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Is this a real company? Can I trust this online store?

Yes! LAB Enterprises, our parent company, was founded in 2001 and we have more than 17 years experience providing quality products to our customers worldwide. We offer a securely encrypted online store and do not have access to your credit card information - we can only see the last 4 numbers of your card and the card information is destroyed after processing not stored anywhere or printed for your added security. We also offer Paypal and Amazon Pay as payment options if you prefer not to enter your card information onto our site at all. 

Will you sell my information? Will I get spam from you?

Never! All information you provide is ONLY used to process and fulfill your order. We do not work with any 3rd party companies nor sell your data to anyone. Even internally, access is limited to even the most basic name and address information. See our full privacy policy here.

Is what I want to order in stock?

We do not stock a lot of items in our main warehouse in Florida due to space restraints and the great number of products we carry across our 21 online stores.  However, we partner directly with manufacturers to provide the greatest variety of products and try our best to keep inventory up to date. If an item is out of stock, it will say "Temporarily out of stock" on the Average Delivery line or on the button if you try to select a size or color that is not available right now. You will see the date when additional inventory is expected when we know it (if an item has multiple sizes or colors, select an option to see if that option is out of stock).

Please note though that not all manufacturers provide accurate inventory 24/7 and some items sell out without notice. We also currently manually update inventory so a particular item may have sold out since our last update - we are working on automating this system for more accurate updates, but it's not quite ready yet.

We will let you know as soon as possible if an item is out of stock with options to wait for it, substitute a different item, or cancel the order.

What happens if an item is sold out? Will I get a refund?

When you place an order, your payment is authorized, but not charged. This means that your payment method of choice (Paypal, Amazon account, or Credit Card) is verified with the payment provider to make certain the account number and other information you entered is correct. This is only an authorization and it may or may not appear on your statement (some payment providers show authorizations, some don't and sorry, but we have no way of knowing how yours works). The authorization allows us to verify your order making sure items you ordered are available and helps us avoid fraudulent orders using stolen payment information.  Once verified (our fraud division may take additional time to clear an order in some cases), your payment method is charged completing the payment.

Due to this authorization process, if item(s) on your order are not available and you do not want to wait for them or replace them with other items (we will email you a notice and options), your payment will actually not be completed so there will be nothing to refund. If payments are not completed by us within a certain amount of time (it varies by payment method), the authorization will automatically expire or be voided.

Occasionally an item will be sold out that we thought was available. In those cases, you will receive an email notice from us with your options and if you decide to cancel, your order will be refunded (refunds can take 3-10 business days to process and appear on your account).

Can I get my order delivered tomorrow?

We do not regularly offer overnight delivery, however, it may be available on a case by case basis. Not all items are available for overnight (any which state "made to order" for example). Contact us as early as possible to see if it can be done for what you want to order.

How fast can I get my order?

This depends a lot on what it is you want to order. Made to order items cannot ship faster than the Average Delivery Time shown on the item. Some manufacturers ship slower than others and some ship directly to you from their warehouse which will make delivery faster (yes, we know this is confusing). Contact us for specific delivery questions.

If you must have an order by a particular date, be sure to note it in the comments when you are checking out so we can try our best to meet your deadline (sorry but we cannot guarantee delivery dates outside the US due to customs).

What does "Average Delivery Time" and the x - x days on shipping choices mean?

Average Delivery Time includes the time it takes for the warehouse to prepare and ship your order or for us to receive items from the manufacturer to our Florida warehouse to ship to you. We have made arrangements with many of our manufacturers to ship directly to you and in those cases, this is the "Average Delivery Time" is the total time to you.

If you choose Ground, Priority shipping, or XPress 2 Day Delivery, the delivery time shown next to it will override the average delivery time - so if you order an item that normally takes 4-10 business days for XPress 2 Day Delivery, you will get it in 2 business days (not available for all items - MUST be ordered before 11 am EST). Note all days stated are Business Days (Monday - Friday only and does not include weekends or holidays).

We are working on updating the "More Details and Shipping Info" on products to make this clearer for each product and indicate which items ship directly from manufacturers and from which state so you can make a more informed choice for shipping costs.

How can I change or cancel my order?

Contact us. If your order has not been shipped yet, we will cancel and refund it immediately (refunds can take 3-10 business days to process and appear on your account). If it has been shipped, you can refuse delivery or return it for a refund.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Sales tax is only charged for orders delivered within the state of Florida, USA.

How much is shipping?

Orders $99 or more ship free within the US. Otherwise, our shipping charges are based on weight so this depends on the items you are ordering. They start at $4.50. International delivery varies by country. International customers may want to set up a US address with a freight forwarding company for better rates and faster delivery.

To see the shipping costs before completing your order on a single item, click the "How Much is Shipping? button on the product page. For multiple items, follow these steps:

  1. Add items you want to order to your shopping cart using the "Add to Cart" button on the product page (be sure to select options like size or color for items that require them)
  2. Click View Cart to review what is in your cart
  3. Click on "See Shipping Costs"
  4. Select your Country, Region/State and Post Code in the boxes shown and click on "Get Shipping Costs"
  5. A pop-up window will open showing your exact shipping cost choices. You can select one and click on "Apply Shipping" or click on "Cancel" to return to your cart and continue shopping, edit your selections or check out

How long does shipping take?

It depends on the item you order. Each item has an "Average Delivery" time listed under the "Add to Cart" button and we try our best to meet this time. It is based upon several factors though, including transit time from the manufacturer and some manufacturers are slower shippers than others.  This estimate is for delivery within the US. If you are outside the US, generally add 10-15 days to this delivery estimate though be aware this varies due to customs and we cannot guarantee any delivery times outside the US.

Will I get a tracking number?

Yes, once your order ships, you will receive a tracking number - if your order contains multiple items, you may receive more than one. Please note not all countries provide tracking information and the tracking number may not show information until it is scanned by your local delivery service. This is unfortunately beyond our control.

Where are you located? Where do you ship from?

Our offices and main warehouse are based in beautiful Sanford, Florida.  All international orders ship from this location as do many smaller items we warehouse here, but we also have warehouses in North Carolina and California. We also have made special arrangements with some of our manufacturers to ship directly from their warehouses to speed up delivery to you so your item may ship from another location. Multiple items on your order may ship separately from one or more warehouse - you will get a tracking number for each shipment as it goes out.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide except for parts of Africa, India, and Korea. Unfortunately, we have had a high amount of lost shipments going to these countries and until delivery is more reliable, we do not want to waste your money or ours trying to deliver to them. We also do not currently ship to Germany due to their new regulations. If you are located in these countries and want to risk delivery, you can set up an account with a freight forwarding service and provide us a US address to ship to. Please note that once delivered to this US address, we are not responsible for delivery to your country and any lost items will have to be filed with the freight forwarding service. 

What if I don't like what I ordered or if it doesn't fit? Can I return it?

Absolutely! In most cases, you can return or exchange any item. There are some restrictions - see our full return policy here. Please do NOT just ship an item back based on the return address. Returns must come to our Florida warehouse in most cases and if incorrectly shipped to another location, may not be accepted or not able to be located which means we will not be able to refund you or process the exchange. Once you submit a return ticket, please wait for instructions.

Can I get a full refund or do you only give store credit?

The choice is yours. Store credit can be applied to your account (store registration required) and we offer an additional 20% over the item's purchase price when you choose this option (store credit can be used on any of our 21 online stores and is automatically subtracted from your next order).  Or we can refund the purchase price to your original payment method. Some restrictions apply and refund time is limited via payment method. View our full return policy here.

Will you send me a pre-paid return label?

Unfortunately, due to the small number of returns we receive, we are unable to provide pre-paid return labels or return labels of any kind. Once you receive the return instructions, you can just box your items and use your own labels (US Post Office is usually the easiest and cheapest and you can print a label online from Do NOT apply labels or tape directly to product or shoe boxes - please box or wrap the boxes before labeling.

Do you prices include VAT or custom's fees?

No. As a US-based company, we cannot estimate these charges or pre-pay them. If your country charges custom's fees or import taxes, you will generally be notified by the shipping company and need to pay it before delivery is made. Contact your countries custom's office for information. We are not responsible for unclaimed shipments and cannot issue refunds or reship for free.

Can I get a printed catalog?

Due to the high cost of printing, we do not offer a printed catalog. You are free to print any section(s) of our website though for future reference.

Do you have a store near me?

We do not have any physical brick and mortar stores. This helps reduce our overhead so we can keep our prices lower and more affordable for you. We do occasionally sell at local events in Florida. These will be announced on our social media accounts so be sure to follow us.

Do you sell wholesale?

No, we do not offer wholesale services.

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